Welcome to my website. I appreciate the opportunity to share my art with you. I believe that art in its many forms - is an important part of a healthy community and for those that feel the call to make art, it is an important part of a healthy soul.

As a mixed media artist, I have the opportunity to be surprised each time I work through a piece of art. I usually do not begin a piece of art with a preconceived idea, in fact I find that when I do this I feel constrained or limited. 

My work includes acrylics, pencil, inks, handmade papers, applied images, found objects and anything else that works. Recently I have had the opportunity to work in encaustics and find that this art form complements the mixed media approach to making art.

Art reflects our influences - environment, readings, relationships, passions.  I am blessed with a supportive husband, a creative son, a multi-talented sister, patient dogs and cat and a community of artists.